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Learn How to design & complete your blog in 30 days without any irritation, stress and frustration.

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Book Format: PDF

Book Length: 12 Pages


Have you started your blog but you don’t know how to design & configure it properly?”

Then, this 30 days blog planner will be best for you.

What is 30 Days Blog Planner?

The 30 day blog planner is a planner, that will easily help you configure and design your blog in just 30 days.

It helps you, start designing and setting up your blog from day 1st and properly complete your blog on day 30th, without any frustration and irritation.

This 30 blog planner is for those, Who have:

  • Tired from designing the blog properly.
  • Irritated from blog designing completion.
  • Started his/her first blog, but unable to configure and design it properly.
  • Thought about starting his blogging career.

Specially, This 30 Days Blog Planner is for those bloggers, who have no idea, how to completely design and configure the blogs.


Why use 30 Day blog planner?

Sometimes, people waste their tons of time (even 1 or 2 years) in designing and configuring it.

Time is very precious. Don’t waste it.

This is just a 20 to 30 days work, where people waste their so much on designing the blog.

This blog planner is divided into 30 days.

This planner will walk you through step by step, how to start configuring and designing your blog from Day 1st and properly design your blog on Day 30th.

Who can use our blog planner?

Anyone who want to properly design his/her blog can use our blog.

If you have started your blog successfully, but you don’t know how to design it properly. You can use this 30 day blog planner.

People who also want to start their blog can also buy it.


Why are you waiting for?

Download your copy of the 30 days blog planner book to your mobile, PC or Mac now!



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