Turn Your Passion Into Profit Book (Vol 1)

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Learn How To build a groovy blog, turn it into business idea and generate your first $12000 in Your First Year (Guaranteed)

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Do you want to turn your any passion into profit?

“Do you have any passion, hobby, skill or knowledge that you want to turn into a profitable online business?”

But you don’t know, how?

Then, This Book Will Be Your Best Friend!

About This Book

This book is based on blogging business.

This Book will teach you, step by step, how to easily build a groovy blog that generates $10,000+ dollars every year, (just from your passion).

Blogging is not a game. It is a real business. If you work on it accurately, It can make you rich.
Many people (you also) think launching an online business is very hard. But they are wrong. You can build your online business is just 1 hour and convert it into a money making machine in just few months

You just need a profitable business idea, that can help you, generate passive income from your business.

If you don’t have an idea,

Don’t worry!

In this book, author have listed 37 proven & evergreen business ideas (topics), that will help you, generate $10,000+ dollar every year.

Just pick one from these business ideas, start working and see your income grow.

So, Start a blog today and start generating $1000/month or $10,000+/Year

In this book, you will discover:

Step​ ​1:​ Blogging Basic

  • What Is Blog?
  • Best Blog Structure
  • Why You Should Make Your Own Blog?
  • How It Can Help You, Turn Your Passion Into Profit?

Step​ ​2:​ Choose Your Niche Idea

  • What is Niche and Niche Market?
  • Why it is very important to choose your right niche idea?
  • How to choose your profitable niche for starting a Blog?
  • 2 Simple steps to find your profitable niche idea that will make you huge money.
  • 4 very important things to check after finding your profitable niche idea.
  • List of top 37 Highly profitable & evergreen niches, you can start immediately, that will make you passive income.

Step​ ​3:​ Make Your Blog

  • 5 Must Have Things Before Starting A Blog.
  • How To Build A Groovy Blog In 5 Easy Steps (20 Minutes Process)?
  • 8 Important Steps to Build A Loyal Bog That People Will Actually Love.
  • 7 Must Have Things You Have To Do After Making Your Blog.
  • 4 Important Steps To Secure Your Blog From Hackers And Attackers.

Step​ ​4:​ Make Money Blogging

  • How To Make Money From Your Blog.
  • 15+ Techniques To Generate Passive Income From Your Blog.
  • Our 7 Best & Proven Monetization Techniques That Can Make You Passive Income.

Step​ ​5:​ Market Your Blog

  • How To Market Your Blog Without Spending Any Penny?
  • How Marketing Can Increase Your Blogging Revenue Consistently?
  • 5 Must Have Things That Will Help You Market Your Blog Easily
  • How To Use 80/20 Rule, That Will Give You Maximum Satisfaction?

Step​ ​6:​ ​Strategy, Goal And Planning To Achieve $10,000/Year Business

  • Our 100% Effective Strategy That Will Guaranteed Turn Your Blog Into A $10,000+/Year or $1000/month Business.
  • Our 1 Month Blogging Plan, That Will Complete Your Blog Without Any stress, Confusion And Frustration. (Totally Free – Worth $1.49)
  • How To Guaranteed Achieve $10,000/Year Blogging Goal.

Step​ ​7:​ Inspirational & Motivational Section

  • Top 10 Extra-ordinary Bloggers In The World.
  • Top 10 Extra-ordinary Bloggers In India.
  • Top 15 Great Motivational Quotes Of Success By World’s Successful Entrepreneurs That Will Motivate You For Becoming A Successful In Your Life.

Step​ ​8:​ ​Conclusion

Who can use this book?

Anyone, who have any passion, skill or knowledge that want to turn into a profitable online business.

This book is specially for those:

  • Who Have zero programming skill. (You don’t need to learn programming language for starting your blogging business)
  • Who have enough knowledge or skill about something, and want to share with other people, who are also looking for. e.g cooking, health etc.
  • Who are totally new in the world of online business, and have zero knowledge about it. (If you are totally newbie in online business, you can also use this book. This book is very easy to use and has written in plan English).
  • Who want to generate extra income as a part time job. (If you want to start your blog, Don’t quit your day job, until your blogging business don’t give you desirable money. From starting, you can start it as a part time, when it will properly settle, you can quit your day job and work on it as a full time blogger for increasing your revenue from $10,000+ dollars to $25000+ dollars.

About The Author

Gurpreet Sidhu is the author of “turn your passion into profit” book. He is founder & CEO of forzon.

He is helping people like you, how to build an online businesses and make passive income from it.

When He started his blogging career, he wasted over 18 months during blogging. He don’t make any money in his first year. Because he don’t know how to make money from blogs. But, in 2nd year, After research, he found great techniques, that helped him to made his first $1 from his blog.

Then, he think – If i can make $1 from my blog, then i can also make $10, $100, $1,000 or $10,000 from blog.

In these days, he is generating passive money from his blog.

Now, he is sharing his online business knowledge with others, so, he can help others to do the same thing that he did.

People also waste tons of time during their startup, because they don’t know, what to do after starting it. They don’t know, how to design and configure it properly. They don’t know, how to make money from it.

Therefore, author have created this book. This book will save both your time and money.

This book will also save you from those mistakes, that people do and doing, during starting their blogging businesses.

If you do the same thing, that the author will tell you in this book, you will easily start & grow your blog income from $0 to $10,000+/year or $1000/month (in your first year).

This book will walk you through step by step, how to start a blogging business and generate $10,000+/Year (guaranteed).

This book will discuss the “hardware” and “software” of starting a blogging business-the mind and the heart.

(i.e – How to start a profitable blog and make $1000/month)

So, why are waiting for?

Download your copy of “turn your passion into profit”, start building your blog today and start generating your $1000/month or $10,000+/year (Guaranteed).



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